OpenAI Funds AI Governance Frameworks With $100K Grants


2023-05-27 05:15:50

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  • The grant is funded by OpenAI’s non-profit division.
  • The project’s results will be freely accessible to the general public.

OpenAI has initiated a project aimed at promoting democratic engagement in the development of AI, marking a significant step forward in its commitment to inclusivity. OpenAI shared in their recent announcement on May 25. They are gearing up to award ten grants. Each amounting to $100,000, to support experiments that aim to develop a “proof-of-concept” democratic mechanism for determining AI system regulations.

And OpenAI expressed that the experiments will form the basis for a future project with a global perspective and ambitious aims. They highlighted that the conclusions from the experiments will not be legally binding. But will play a crucial role in examining essential AI governance questions.

Reports indicate that critics have pointed out inherent biases in AI systems like ChatGPT, citing instances of racist program outputs found by users. There is a growing concern that when AI is combined with search engines such as Google (NASDAQ:) (Alphabet Inc.) and Bing ( Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:).), it may generate misleading information in a convincingly deceptive manner. 

OpenAI’s non-profit arm is responsible for awarding the grant. And they have made it clear that the outcomes of the project will be accessible to the public free of charge.

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