Perth suburbs to receive massive rental price hikes


2023-05-26 19:30:00

Tenants from Balga to Claremont are paying up to $10,000 a year in extra rent this year, according to Proptrack research.

New research by Proptrack shows strong demand and a “very limited supply” of properties in all socio-economic sectors of the market.

The research shows rents have soared up to $178 per week for a house in Claremont over the past year, to take the weekly price to $973.

This is followed by East Perth, with a $173 increase in median weekly house rent of $763, and then Wembley Downs, where a $150 weekly rise has taken the median to $850.

While the ten suburbs to sustain the biggest rent increases for houses are in WA’s premier suburbs, suburbs with skyrocketing rents for units are spread across a broader range of socio-economic areas.

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