Emergences boosts regional artists


2023-02-03 04:19:00

A landmark exhibition of some of the State’s best artists opened at the Holmes a Court Gallery at Vasse Felix last weekend.

Months in the planning, Emergences brings together 11 South West practitioners as part of a Statewide project called Open Borders featuring regional artists in a series of exhibitions across WA.

Local curators Christopher Young and Anita Pettit said the exhibition offered all artists a “considerable opportunity” to present their work and sharpen their skills before a new and diverse audience, network with other creatives, proffer challenging ideas, and engage in a dialogue about complex issues.

Margaret River-based Young told the Times the exhibition explored key themes affecting artists as well as those viewing their work.

“Each of us has a complex network of physical and psychological barricades in our lives,” Young said.

“These can be environmental, imposed on us, or self-erected. What happens when a barricade falls or is breached?

“Some may find euphoria in such a collapse. For others, the tension this creates can be crippling.”

Artist Francesco Geronazzo said the exhibition was a boost for regional artists sometimes working in isolation.

The gallery’s status would also help elevate the professional standing of those taking part, foster new professional networks and industry relationships, as well as with the arts community as a whole.

“Through the exhibition, I will achieve growth as an artist and also as an individual, including working outside my studio comfort zone, which helps me to improve my skills and goals that I wouldn’t otherwise explore,” Geronazzo said.

“I am an introvert, so this project will push me outside my comfort zone and connect me with new audiences including arts enthusiasts, the general community, and other artists.

“While well recognised in Europe, especially in Bologna, expanding my career in Western Australia is an important and very valuable outcome.”

Other Margaret River region artists included Shayne Hadley, Yu-Hua Lan, Elisa Markes-Young and Shannon Clohessy, among others.

Local practitioners Elaine Clocherty, Kyllie Deltondo, Mick Hart and Danny Jennings also submitted an oceanic installation and video artwork they collaborated on together.

Young told the Times the sculpture was made from cuttlefish bone and hung on the wall in a snake-like shape.

“To its right is a short film that includes the sculpture interacting with the ocean as well as various other ocean-themed images,” he said.

Margaret River-based photographer Martine Perret was also part of the exhibition with two aerial photographs from the Exmouth Gulf featuring in her new Evanescence series.

“Western Australia’s ancient vistas reminds us of that fleeting moment when the visual from above reveals what is hidden from the majority of us below,” she said.

“We can see, but we cannot touch. Physical isolation led us to a longing for connection — to dream of boundaries that no longer exist and a return to freedom that we took for granted.”

Emergences runs at Vasse Felix until March 5.

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