Panasonic partners with ATCO on hydrogen test run


2022-12-05 11:25:02

Panasonic has partnered with WA-headquartered ATCO Australia to trial its future hydrogen fuel cells.

ATCO will trial the Japanese electronic giant’s future energy technology at its Clean Energy Innovation Hub in Jandakot, as part of the global push into hydrogen as a future energy source.

The partnership will see pure hydrogen injected into Panasonic’s fuel cells to convert it to electricity for household and industrial use, with each fuel cell set to generate five kilowatts of power.

It will help determine if hydrogen derived from renewable technologies is sufficient enough to take over from existing fossil fuel energy sources.

Managing director at Panasonic Australia Paul Reid said the venture would assist in the company’s decarbonisation strategy.

“Panasonic believes that hydrogen is an essential component in the journey towards net zero,” Mr Reid said.

“Through this partnership with ATCO Australia, we’re excited to explore the vast potential of decarbonisation as a critical mechanism to create a more sustainable and secure energy future for Australians, and the world.”

Hydrogen proponents believe the fuel could one day solve the large output variations of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

ATCO general manager Russell James said the fuel cells would power the company’s Jandakot maintenance workshops and would act as a test run for Panasonic to establish more commercial fuel cells across Australia.

“[Panasonic’s] knowhow, expertise and unique hydrogen fuel cell design allows us to efficiently convert hydrogen to electricity, contributing up to five kilowatts of power to our Jandakot maintenance workshops,” Mr James said.

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