Beloved Perth Zoo elephant Tricia dies peacefully, aged 65

2022-07-06 18:35:12

“Her stature and her grace were compelling. For many, she was a Perth icon. For six decades, she was an integral part of any visit to Perth Zoo. If you lived in Perth at some point in your life then you probably have a memory of Tricia.

“I want to acknowledge and thank all the staff at Perth Zoo who have been humanely caring for Tricia, particularly during the rapid decline in her health. Tricia brought such joy to so many people, which is why it was important that in her final moments she was treated with love, dignity and respect.”


In 2018, the government announced the zoo would wind up its elephant exhibition when Tricia passed away. The other two elephants were happy and healthy but when Tricia died they would be best off being part of a bigger herd, something not able to be facilitated at a small metropolitan zoo. Arrangements had been made for the two remaining elephants to be rehomed at other zoos where they would be integrated into a herd setting.

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