Ex-IDF intelligence chief: Israel has military capability to strike Iran

2021-11-05 14:17:48

Former IDF Military Intelligence Directorate head Amos Yadlin spoke with Nissim Mash’al on 103FM Friday morning and referred to the Iranians’ announcement that they would return to the negotiating table on their nuclear program.

“The Americans are preparing for a situation in which the talks with Iran will not succeed. We are in a situation where if there is an agreement it is not good, and if there is no agreement we are going to face the choice of choices for an Israeli prime minister. Israel has the military capability to attack Iran,” said Yadlin.

Regarding the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran, Yadlin said: “Naftali Bennett as prime minister has to decide whether to do nothing or carry out an attack. An attack is the last move after all other strategies have been carried out. I am pleased that we have understood that a budget needs to be allocated, and that military plans need to be updated to the current situation. Israel has the military capability to attack Iran, the problem is not the attack but what happens after it. There are a lot of considerations here.”

Exhibition of nuclear achievements of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, April 10, 2021 (credit: PRESIDENT.IR VIA TASNIM NEWS AGENCY)Exhibition of nuclear achievements of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, April 10, 2021 (credit: PRESIDENT.IR VIA TASNIM NEWS AGENCY)

“The Iranians have recognized the American eagerness under the Biden administration to return to the agreement. For six rounds of talks they have set high demands that even the Democratic administration could not accept. In the end it worked in their favor and now it is pressuring the Americans,” the former Military Intelligence Directorate chief explained.

“The 2015 agreement is good in the long run for the Iranians, they want the sanctions removed from them. There is still no need for the military option, but it needs to be more credible, more in the US than here,” Yadlin concluded.

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