5.5YardsX40″ Include Hanging Outdoor Indoor Scary Creepy Halloween Office Party Door Window Giant Spider Wall Yard Table car Lawn Cloth Decorations Cheesecloth Fabric (Black-B(5.5 Yards x 40 Inch ))

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The Halloween decorations that we see on the internet get more and more creative each year. Every house is littered with incredible homemade decor and characters. So this year, you can finally join the ranks of the incredible decorators. Whether you’re decorating your porch, your living room, or your classroom, these creepy cloths are the perfect way to show your love for the Halloween season and the supernatural.


Cut and rip the cloth into strips while keeping them connected on one end, so it acts like a garland. You can hang above from doorways, windows, or fixtures, or drape on a mantel or through a tablescape or vignette.





Halloween Decorations

Whether you’re planning a chic Halloween party or a tricked-out kitschy celebration, we’ve rounded up some fun ways to incorporate creepy cloth into your decor.

Wreathful Vengeance.

If you also have a wreath form or a simple twig wreath on hand, you can greet your guests in style. Spiders, or snakes for the creepy crawly factor.

Black as Night.

Black creepy cloth is great for bringing creepiness to candles (tent over candelabras and then insert your tapers), making a widow’s veil, or finishing a witch’s ensemble.

Spooky spiders.

Pin a single layer to a wall or in front of an unlit fireplace, or cover a dining table, poke holes of varying sizes throughout, and attach plastic spiders.


Dim the Lights.

Use dyed or clean cheesecloth to create a low light atmosphere by draping a few layers over lampshades. Make sure that bulbs are low-wattage and the cheesecloth does not come close enough for it to get hot.


halloween clothhalloween cloth

halloween creepyhalloween creepy

halloween decorationshalloween decorations

Ghastly Ghosts.

Prop a ping pong ball on an upended toilet paper roll, cover with a couple squares of creepy cloth and spray with laundry starch. When your ghost is dry, use a black marker to draw eyes and a mouth on the head.

Malevolent Mummies.

Creepy cloth will turn anything into a mummy. Grab a friend and have them wrap you into a mummy. Just use the bathroom first.

Swamp Thing.

Add drops of black to to the green water to darken the hue. Soak ripped strips or garland in the mixture, let dry, and hang for a scary swamp vibe.

Zombie Attacks.

To perfect your undead look, take any dyed or clean cheesecloth and get some dirt on it. Brush off the excess, preserve with hairspray, and then use to cover wounds on your decomposing self.

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Huge 5.5 yards X 40 Inches! Endless possibilities – add a few spiders for a creepy spider web look. You can decorate practically anything with this webbing!
Halloween decorating fabric. Scary Creepy Gauze for decorating doorways halls, shower curtains, porches, decks, etc.
This CREEPY CLOTH acts as an awesome backdrop for any Halloween party!
Ideal for your Haunted House! Create spooky backdrops and decor.
Spooky mood providing the best atmosphere for scary scenes and gory photos and pictures!