Sewage flowing into Porirua harbour after pipe bursts once more

A car drives through water in Wellington

2021-07-22 15:18:13

Sewage is overflowing into Porirua harbour after a wastewater principal on State Freeway One burst once more.

A car drives through water in Wellington

The pipe first burst within the heavy rainfall occasion on Saturday.
Photograph: RNZ/ Caitlin Cherry

The pipe – between the Aotea turnoff and Paremata – initially failed on Saturday through the heavy rainfall occasion which hit the Wellington area.

Though it was repaired on Sunday, investigations confirmed it remained in a fragile situation.

Wellington Water, who oversee the area’s water community, stated this night’s heavy rainfall had triggered an additional failure, and a few wastewater is now getting into the harbour.

Crews are out making an attempt to minimise the overflow, with others getting ready all through the evening to undertake an additional restore within the morning.

Members of the general public are suggested to keep away from contact with coastal water within the space.

The burst might additionally derail plans to re-introduce the stranded orca calf, Toa, again into his sea pen.

Earlier this night, the Division of Conservation acknowledged the orca was being moved for well being causes.

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