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Carbamazepine is the fda-approved generic form of brand-name tegretol.

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In additionTegretol causesor would be expected to causedecreased levels of the following drugsfor which monitoring of concentrations or dosage adjustment may be necessaryacetaminophenalbendazolealprazolamaprepitantbuprenorphonebupropioncitalopramclonazepamclozapinecorticosteroidse.gprednisolonedexamethasonecyclosporinedicumaroldihydropyridine calcium channel blockerse.gfelodipinedoxycyclineethosuximideeverolimushaloperidolimatinibitraconazolelamotriginelevothyroxinemethadonemethsuximidemianserinmidazolamolanzapineoral and other hormonal contraceptivesoxcarbazepinepaliperidonephensuximidephenytoinpraziquantelprotease inhibitorsrisperidonesertralinesirolimustadalafiltheophyllinetiagabinetopiramatetramadoltrazodonetricyclic antidepressantse.gimipramineamitriptylinenortriptylinevalproatewarfarinziprasidonezonisamide.

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Do not stop taking TEGRETOL without first talking to your healthcare providerStopping TEGRETOL suddenly can cause serious problemsStopping seizure medicine suddenly in a patient who has epilepsy may cause seizures that will not stopstatus epilepticusTake TEGRETOL exactly as prescribedYour healthcare provider will tell you how much TEGRETOL to takeYour healthcare provider may change your doseDo not change your dose of TEGRETOL without talking to your healthcare providerTake TEGRETOL with foodTEGRETOL-XR TabletsDo not crushchewor break TEGRETOL-XR tabletsTell your healthcare provider if you can not swallow TEGRETOL-XR wholeTEGRETOL SuspensionShake the bottle well each time before useDo not take TEGRETOL suspension at the same time you take other liquid medicinesIf you take too much TEGRETOLcall your healthcare provider or local Poison Cheap tetracycline online Control Center right away.

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